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Israel and Greece have joined forces to develop advanced treatment technologies for treated waste water

Israel and Greece have joined forces to develop advanced treatment technologies for treated waste water

Israel and Greece have joined forces to develop advanced treatment technologies for treated waste water

By: Mr. Sivan Bleich

Director of Water Supply and Treatment department


Project Outline

Several AOP (advanced oxidation processes) technologies for advanced water treatment have been approved by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor.

This project is a joint study under the Greece-Israel Call for Proposals.

Our Greek partners are CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) and TEMAK,Greek company with solutions in the field of water treatment and fluid control equipment; on the Israeli side are the Rabin Desalination Lab at the Technion, headed by Professor Rafi Semiat, and Mekorot, through WaTech Unit and the Desalination Unit.

The project is slated to begin soon; the technologies will be studies and developed in the lab and in the field over two years.

Technological Need

Israel is the world leader in utilizing treated wastewater using SAT (injecting water into the soil and pumping it out after a few months). In areas in the world where land is scarce, membrane technology and granular active carbon filtration (GAC) are the accepted methods for purifying and utilizing wastewater to meet current standards for use in agriculture, and in some cases for drinking water.

Active carbon is expensive to use because the significant organic load requires frequent regeneration of the adsorption substrate. This has driven an effort to develop cheaper and more advanced methods to regenerate the active carbon, which is the most costly part of the GAC method.

An innovative hybrid process integrating adsorption and the Fenton reaction

One of the most promising methods is a technique developed in the Technion; a hybrid process implementing GAC to adsorb organic pollutants, and regeneration using AOP. The AOP regeneration process is based on a nano iron particle (nFe) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) reaction, known as the Fenton reaction. Our process was developed based on earlier lab experiments and a registered patent of the Rabin Desalination Lab at the Technion.

The partnership's goal is to develop, test, and demonstrate this technology at the ShafdanR&D center for treated wastewater technology (at Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant, Shafdan).

A preliminary technical-economic evaluation has indicated that this method can be cheaper than membrane methods (UF-RO) or GAC with conventional regeneration. Success of the new method may significantly decrease the costs of treating wastewater.

The Project Plan

During its first year, the study will test alternative activation methods of the regeneration technology, under laboratory conditions. Based on results of the lab work a pilot will be built in the municipal wastewater treatment plant. The pilot is planned for the second year of the study. The pilot installation will test the alternative that proved itself best in the lab. A comparison will be made with the treatment method chosen by the Greek partner so that the optimal solution is selected.

About the partners

On the Greek side


CERTH is the largest R&D organization in northern Greece, it is sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The NRRE (Natural Resources and Renewable Energies Laboratory) in CPERI (Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute) is also participating in this project. This lab, established in 1985 and directed by Professor Anastasios J. Karabelas is a one of the founding units of CPERI.




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