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Food safety is the primary concern of our fast-growing planet.

As natural resources decrease and the population increases, both smart solutions in agriculture and safer food storage become necessary.

No other country, and of course no one  as young as Israel, has so far contributed so much to this field as Israel.

Since 1950, it has implemented revolutionary methods  first to turn the land green   and toshare its experiences and discoveries with the rest of the world.

Here are the 12 top methods with  which Israel feeds the world.

1.Drip irrigation.

2. Special "sacks" for the protection of sees.

3. Biological weed control.

4. Dairy farms.

5. Cut-to-the-mill solutions for farms.

6. A better quality of potatoes.

7. Compress each drop of water from the air.

8.Unprecedent harvest protection.

9. Fisheries in the desert.

10. Food from greenhouse gas.

11. Reinforcing carp fish  in Africa.

12. More resistant seeds for better harvests.


Our Mission

We promote and facilitate Greek-Israeli economic, commercial and investment relations through various events such as:

1. Commercial missions.
2. Meetings and seminars.
3. Business meals and dinners.
4. Social events.
5. Participation in sector exhibitions.
6. We respond to your requests.

We accept many inquiries from Greece and Israel to which we respond by proposing companies, products and services. This includes lists of Greek and Israeli exporters, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers and distributors.

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