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Donation of Medical equimpent from the Embassy of Israel in Greec

May 25 2017 Donation of Medical equipment

This year the Embassy of Israel in Greece decided to donate  the biggest part of its budget intended to cover the celebration event of the Independence Day of Israel, to the needs of the Greek islands of North Aegean Sea  proceeding to a donation of medical equipment to the island of Chios.

The state of the art equipment will be given to General Hospital of the island and the peripheral medical centre of Pyrgi.

The equipment was purchased in conciliation  with the competent authorities of the Hospital as well as with the local authorities of Pyrgi, who informed the Embassy about their needs. It will serve the needs of residents, refugees and tourists. The donation is an initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is called "helping friends who help." The Ministry warmly accepted a proposal by the Israeli Embassy in Athens to help the Greeks of the Eastern Aegean islands carrying out a courageous struggle to tackling the economic crisis, the influx of refugees and the loss of income in recent years

It is worth noting that two Israeli NGOs, IsraAID and Natan, have been active in Chios, Lesbos and parts of mainland Greece over the past two years, providing social services and psychological support to refugees. The majority of members of the two organizations are Israeli Arabs specializing in various fields.

Commenting on the donation, Israeli Ambassador to Greece, Mrs. Irrit Ben-Abba, said: "We are observing the courageous efforts of the Greeks in the islands to cope with their own problems and at the same time to face  the challenges of the influx of refugees. We want to help our Greek partners. Donating the equipment is a pleasure for us. We consider it as an  obligation to help our friends who help the islands


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