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General Revew of Israeli Economy

Since 1948, the population of Israel has increased from 806,000 to 8.84 million and the state absorbed some 3.2 million immigrants during these years.

From an economic point of view, over the past 20 years, the Israeli governments have respected a policy of fiscal constraint that gives the nation credibility towards foreign investors and reduces economic costs. Annual economic growth is expected to exceed 3% in the near future.

Together with its responsible fiscal approach, the country has also become a world-class high-tech force. During the 20-year period 1997-2017, 16,000 high-tech companies were created, of which 8,000 are active today. The nation has 505 cyber security, cyber security and 1,487 life sciences companies making Israel an important technology center.

The Israeli venture capital companies, the 365 active foreign research centers in Israel, and the 356 currently active Israeli incubators and accelerators make the country known as

a start-up nation.

It is worth noting that some 94 Israeli companies are listed on the NASDAQ.

Despite its small size (the country is about the size of the Peloponnese), Israel has emerged as a regional economic power and remains an attractive destination for exports from foreign countries

According to the Office of Economic Affairs of Greece In 2017 Israel imported from Greece products worth approximately 442 million euros while its exports to Greece amounted to 535 million Euros. .




Our Mission

We promote and facilitate Greek-Israeli economic, commercial and investment relations through various events such as:

1. Commercial missions.
2. Meetings and seminars.
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4. Social events.
5. Participation in sector exhibitions.
6. We respond to your requests.

We accept many inquiries from Greece and Israel to which we respond by proposing companies, products and services. This includes lists of Greek and Israeli exporters, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers and distributors.

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