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Dear Members, Friends of Greece - Israel cooperation,

As life confronts us with challenges our generation has never met, I would like to extend to you greetings and best wishes for good health and perseverance. This is a time when the individual and collective are one, time when boundaries and national frontiers would not provide us with protection from the Coronavirus. To you, your families, loved ones and co-workers best wishes.


As the challenge these days is to contain the virus, preempt its further spread, naturally our health and wellbeing would come first. It is a time to follow authorities instructions and guidelines to ensure fastest, as possible, return to normalcy.


We must bear in mind history, we should cherish the relative peace and comfort we have enjoyed in recent decades and I do not underestimate global and national challenges, economic and otherwise. The world we will enter in the days after Corona will require our energies, international cooperation but mostly compassion and a different look at national priorities.


I believe the Chamber, its members, committed to the success and restart of your own companies and business endeavors would have, together with others, an important role, to keep and create jobs, to encourage bilateral cooperation and international joint venture, to realize that the strength of the local economy is not only a national issue but global, our world will need balance and a different approach to power and richness. Coming out of the Coronavirus battle, we should be committed  to make the world better, there can’t be a First World or a second.


As we are in the safety of our homes, let’s think about the Tomorrow and commit ourselves to make it better. The business community should and could be a leader in that effort to come.


Keep well,


Yossi Amrani

Ambassador of Israel



Our Mission

We promote and facilitate Greek-Israeli economic, commercial and investment relations through various events such as:

1. Commercial missions.
2. Meetings and seminars.
3. Business meals and dinners.
4. Social events.
5. Participation in sector exhibitions.
6. We respond to your requests.

We accept many inquiries from Greece and Israel to which we respond by proposing companies, products and services. This includes lists of Greek and Israeli exporters, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers and distributors.

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