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Independence day-State of Israel

Independence day-State of Israel

This mesage was sent to the Ambassador of Israel in Greece, Mr. Yossi Amrani

 Your Excellency,

On behalf of our Board and our members I woud like to congratulate you and through you the State of Israel for your Independence Day and wish to the friendly Israeli people personal and national wellbeing.   

The 14th of May 1948 declaration of independence by Ben Gurion, brought in History the unparallel fact of rebirth of a state-cradle for Jews that had been ousted from their land and lived dispersed -and usually oppressed in exile, for two  thousand years.

Since '48, overcoming many hardships Israel has evolved into a modern state with a prominent international presence.

Our bilateral relations in Economy, Science and Arts- and lately in Defence have been remarkable and our Chamber is proud that has been one of the first formal collective efforts to promote most of those.

We know that this important day, Israelis celebrate behind closed doors, forced- as we all are-by the vicious C-V 19.

Though in days like this some quiet reflection is useful.

I wish that we could soon get together all of us hopefully as persons without fear and masks.  


 Vasilis  Paisios 

 President of the Board.  



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We promote and facilitate Greek-Israeli economic, commercial and investment relations through various events such as:

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