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  • Tourism and Investment the main topics of the discussion

Bridges of Frienship and cooparation are being built by the Municipality of Lake Plastira and the Embassy of Israel.

Few days ago the Municipality of Lake Plastira and the Ambassador of Israel in Greece have established the bases for the beginning of a friendship and partnership between the two countries. This new collaboration was initiated when the Ambassador of Israel, Mr Iossi Amrani, visited Lake Plastiras following an invitation by the mayor Mr. Panagiotis Nanou., and his subsequent attendance at a conference on  “Mountain Tourism,  Covid-19,  challenges and prospects” in Neohori.

The Ambassador of Israel Mr. Iossi Amrani, the Mayor of Lake Plastiras Mr. Nanou and the Vice President of the Greek-Israeli Chamber of Commerce Mr. A. Daskalopoulos held a business meeting in the frame of the conference .

During his welcoming remarks, the mayor of Neohori mentioned that “Greece and Israel share common features and that the two nations share a brotherly friendship. The existant long cooperation between Greece and Israel  that was recently elevated in both energy and financial terms shows the way for additional future collaborations which will strengthen the friendship between the two countries”.

The mayor of Neohori presented in brief the history of the Thessalian Agrafa and mentioned that this specific region was a place of hospitality and salvation for members of the Jewish Community of Karditsa during the horrific years of Nazi occupation between 1940-1944. He also added that “Lake Plastira is an ideal and safe destination in all points of view, such as a destination for sustained hospitality for Israeli families and groups of children providing them with education about nature since this unique landscape can offer a great experience of life in the mountains”.

The mayor of Plastira mentioned in “N.Agonas”: (local newspaper)

“We are very pleased with the visit of the Israeli Ambassador to our municipality. The Ambassador during his stay had the opportunity  to tour Lake Plastira where he was able to realize the prospects and opportunities for a tourism partnership which can include many investments. We consider this collaboration an important step for the entry of Lake Plastira το the International tourism markets. Together we are building the future”.

The main aspects of our collaboration are as follows:

  1. The attraction of more Israeli tourists to the Lake Plastira , which will serve as the origin of mountain tourism, specifically planned for Israeli tourists. Although the starting point will be Lake itself, additional beautiful destinations are suggested, such as the famous Mount Olympus, Meteora, the historical Agrafa of Evritania,  Argithea, the Gate  and Pertouli in Trikala, as well as the spectacular Mountain Pilion.
  2. Education of Israeli youth via Summer schools / Academy, focused on subjects selected by the Israel Ministry of Education related to the mountain environment, as well as a very well organized camp by the Municipality of Lake Plastira.
  3. Investments  in real estaate , on private property, hostels, sport facilities, etc .
  4. Development of trade and export of Food and Agricultural products that cannot be found in Israel. For example  the famous and high-quality local goods as  the Mesenikola wines, the Feta cheese from Agrafa,  bottled water, etc.

This was indeed a very friendly discussion ande the two parties agreed   on multiple aspects, especially on the desire to an increase  Israeli tourism and investments. Decisions were made on taking specific actions in order to achieve these goals. At the same time, the Greek-Israeli Chamber of Commerce will play a significant role to increase the interest of visiting  of Israelis to the region and advertise the prospects to interested business circles.

From the newpaper "Neos Agon" Karditsas 2/9/2020



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