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Company Name Astramedia Online Marketing Services Ltd. (74531)
Contact Person Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers 
of Commerce: 
International Relations Division 
Year of Establishment 2017
No. of Employees
Offer No. 133056
Summary of offer Export: GQ Syringes
Description of Offer
The company specializes in sourcing, managing and executing the production and 
distribution of Personal Protective Equipment across the globe.
They partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and have a dedicated quality control 
team on the ground at all locations, ensuring quality, competitive pricing and optimal 
With over a decade of experience on the market, their partners have a proven track record 
of excellence in consistently providing a steady supply of top-quality products.
Their customers vary from private and state healthcare institutions to multinational retail 
groups in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.
The company has a stock of 2M units of QG syringes that are being used by Israel's MOH, 
their expiry date is on 12/25 and is Ideal for all vaccines types for COVID-19.
CE Certification
Manufactured by Qatari German Medical Devices Co. on April 2021
Each Kit consist of:
1. 1ml syringe (Low Dead Space)
2. 23G needle + 1"
Price per kit is $0.03 (FOB Israel).
Potential Partners Hospitals, Distributors of medical equipment.
Target Countries Worldwide, except North America
Company Name Surplus International Ltd. (73997)
Contact Person Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  
International Relations Division:
Year of Establishment 2017
No. of Employees 2
Offer No. 133057
Summary of offer Import-Export: Surplus Chemical Inventory
Description of Offer 
The company specializes in recycling and repurposing of surplus inventory.
By procuring surplus chemical inventory from manufacturing industries and matching it with relevant buyers, we provide high quality and cost-effective inventory solutions.
We buy chemicals from companies with surplus inventory resulting from formulation changes, end-of-line productions, mergers or any other reason and sell our surplus chemicals to companies looking for top-quality raw materials at reduced prices.
The company will easily, quickly and safely identify a new owner for your unused materials from our extensive worldwide network. 
We will take care of everything, making sure the whole process is seamless, safe, confidential and professional every step of the way.
Among our satisfied customers: Teva, ICL, AGAN, GALAM and more.
We work with the following industries:
Pigments & Dyes
Food & Additive
Resins and more   
Other Information We purchase from manufacturing industries for various reasons (out of date, off specification materials, etc) and match it with the relevant buyers.
Potential Partners Chemical manufacture
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Agriculture manufacture
Solvents manufacture
Cosmetics manufacture
Pigments & Dyes manufacture
Food & Additive manufacture
Vitamins manufacture
Adhesives manufacture
Polymers manufacture
Resins manufacture
Target Countries Export: India
Import: USA & Canada, Europe



Company Name PAZKAR Ltd. (20656)
Contact Person Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  
International Relations Division
Year of Establishment 1937
No. of Employees 90
Offer No. 133058
Summary of offer Import: Nonwoven polyester fabric for bitumen membranes manufacturing line 
Description of Offer 
Our company, a subsidiary of the Paz Oil Group, is Israel’s leading and largest manufacturer of a wide variety of waterproofing and insulation products for the construction and infrastructure industries.
Originally established in 1934, the company utilizes the most advanced technologies available to maintain a professional edge and to meet the demanding standards and requirements of the market. 
The plant, located in the Galilee, near Nazareth, develops & produces a broad range of materials that provide a comprehensive solution for waterproofing requirements related to all aspects of construction and infrastructure.
Our products include:
Water-based liquid membranes for hand and for spray applications
Bituminous modified membranes (APP, SBS and self-adhesive)
White and colored coatings
Coatings for sports surfaces
Road maintenance materials 
Other Information We are looking for mainly 180 and 170 gr'/m2.
Please send to us TDS.  
Potential Partners We are looking for nonwoven polyester fabric manufacturers to our bitumen membranes manufacturing line. We would like to know if you are producing for the manufactures of bituminous membrane.
Target Countries Worldwide. 
Company Name YOW (15597)
Contact Person Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  
International Relations Division
Year of Establishment 1995
No. of Employees 28
Offer No. 133249
Summary of offer Import: Sanitary Products
Description of Offer 
The company was founded 2 generations ago, and it is one of the largest importers in malleable iron fittings, iron nipples and sockets. It distributes all over Israel, on a daily level.
The company imports from factories throughout China and Italy, and is interested in expanding their importing countries.
In addition, they opened a new department of fire system grooved fittings. 
The company sells also ball valve within the Israeli standards with angle and check valves as well as strainer. 
They would like to cooperate with qualified suppliers of the items mentioned above, as well as suppliers of fire system accessories, angle valve, PVC hoses, brass floor drainers and zinc floor drainers. 
Potential Partners Manufacturers of sanitary & fire system products
Target Countries Europe, China. 
Company Name My Loyalty (14624)
Contact Person Initial contact to be made via the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce:  
International Relations Division
Year of Establishment 1986
No. of Employees 5
Offer No. 133250
Summary of offer Import/Service: Promotional Items for Retail Chains
Description of Offer 
We create novelty premiums, reliable and collectable promotions.
We are looking for factories (specifically in East Europe) for production of wood / plastic / paper small collectible products/ production services. 
We produce large quantities at relatively short period so we need the factory to be at a high level of production capacity. QC and quality are also important factors. 
We have consistent creative innovation, proprietary brands and novel premiums.
Potential Partners Manufacturers in the field of wood & Plastic.
Target Countries Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and other European countries.


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