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Identity of the printed and online publication Days of Art in Greece 
The print publication Days of Art in Greece is the only publication that systematically deals with issues of humanities and the history of arts and intellect in Greece from antiquity to the present day. It presents essays on education, architecture, folklore, history, and archaeology. It presents art sites open to visitors, galleries, museums, libraries, archives, archaeology, and pilgrimage destinations. 
The publication is bilingual, Greek - English, with more than 300 photographs, in 17x24 cm, backed, matt, and glossy lamination cover, with 224 pages on garda pad paper and 48 pages on writing paper.
The publication is followed by 200 countries, and brings together institutions from the entire spectrum of the country's cultural sector (Museums, Municipalities, Universities, University Presses, Institutions, Galleries, etc.) and uniquely connects the arts, sciences, and letters. It presents and develops cutting-edge topics, curricula (from the University of Athens, the University of Piraeus, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Democritus University of Thrace, the University of Western Macedonia, the University of Thessaly, the University of Patras, the Ionian University, the University of West Attica, the University of Crete, the University of Cyprus, etc.), research programs, conferences, events, exhibitions, etc. 
In the pioneering print publication that is being published for the 7th year and has been certified by the OSDEL as a scientific journal, we have achieved important collaborations (e.g. FRT of Crete) and significant subscriptions to libraries, museums, and universities at home and abroad, such as the Department of Hellenic Studies of Harvard University, the University of Leiden, the University of Lund, the Library of the Sachetti School - Johannesburg, the Gennadius Library, the Hellenic American Union, the Library of Alexandria, the Library of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Library of the National Gallery, the libraries of recognized schools such as the Arsakeio, the Athens College, etc. We have also launched a series of interviews with University Rectors (e.g. Rector of the National Academy of Sciences, Rector of the University of Cyprus, etc.)
The electronic version is a daily bilingual electronic magazine to respond to the daily attendance and communication that we have achieved with foreign institutions and communicate the creative side of our country in every possible expression. Our aim is, by linking the developments in science with those of art, to present comprehensively all the manifestations of intellect and contemporary cultural activity in Greece by presenting innovation activities, university programs, libraries, publications, museums, cultural spaces, 
artworks, etc.,To present everyday life with an aspect of practical philosophy.
I am at your disposal for any clarification. 
Yours sincerely, Maria Papadogianni - Days of Art on Greece


Our Mission

We promote and facilitate Greek-Israeli economic, commercial and investment relations through various events such as:

1. Commercial missions.
2. Meetings and seminars.
3. Business meals and dinners.
4. Social events.
5. Participation in sector exhibitions.
6. We respond to your requests.

We accept many inquiries from Greece and Israel to which we respond by proposing companies, products and services. This includes lists of Greek and Israeli exporters, suppliers, dealers, manufacturers and distributors.

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