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Dear Chamber Members,


I am Ariel Adoram, a member of the Israel Greece Chamber of Commerce and happy to e-meet you all.

Three years ago, after 20 years of sailing, practicing my hobby as a skipper, I moved to Greece and Co-founded a yacht charter company. We operate out of Athens and the Greek Riviera in Porto Heli Recently I heard from enthusiastic sailor friends of some unsuccessful yachts charter experiences also in Greece. Chartering a yacht is an amazing adventurous experience for families, groups of friends celebrating birthdays, bachelor parties or luxury vacation combining exploration & relaxation. Similar to Car Rentals, you can Charter a Yacht from local companies, large companies or online applications. Small/Online companies attract you with initial low price but may surprise you with extra charges upon return . Online companies provide hardly no services in the event of a possible technical breakdown or malfunction.

I decided to briefly share with you four important issues to pay attention when you book a yacht that would make your vacation enjoyable with unnecessary aggravation.

As a fellow member of the Chamber, I invite you to contact us for more information or personal advice at no cost or obligation and wish us all a fun and exciting summer.

Route Planning & Mooring

Most charters are a circular routes Saturday to Saturday, departing from & returning to the same port. The idea is to save the cost of transferring the yacht back to its home port. In Greece even when the weather forecast seems calm, there may be a sudden wind or waves that will make the sailing less pleasant or impossible.I recommend leaving spare time for flexibility and also not to plan a long leg for the last day.For the trip itself, depending on the type of yacht, be aware that mooring places in marinas and ports could be difficult to find in high season, better to plan those in advance.

Type of yacht

A "regular" sailboat (Monohull) is a more economical and sporty choice and makes it relatively more easy to find a berth to dock, however the living space is rather limited.

A Catamaran (multihull) offers more living space, but might be more difficult to dock, as it requires two free and attached spaces in a marina

Motor Yacht is the more expensive choice both in rental price and it also consumes far more fuel. However, higher speed and faster ride make it possible to cover a larger cruising area.

Yachting Regions

The Saronic Gulf, Ionian Sea, Cycladic’s, Sephardic, Dodecanese, Corfu, Kos, Halkidiki. Greece provides different experiences in terms of food, sea temperature, ground trips, shopping and entertainment, crowdedness and more. I encourage you to consider in advance what is more important to you.

Seasons & Planning in Advance

The demand for Charters in Greece increases every year and the supply of Yachts does not meet the demand. During July, August and September, it’s often difficult to find yachts and prices jump up. It is better to book in advance especially if you are limited to a specific week.


I have tried to summarize 20 years of sailing on one page, we are at your disposal for any additional information.

Portoheli 21061, Greece

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Χρήσιμοι Σύνδεσμοι


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